Safeguarding Your Eyes: Keep The Fun In Summer With These Eye-Protecting Dos And Don'Ts

Summer is a time for family fun, but that family fun brings a lot of potential eye hazards if you aren't careful. From too much exposure to the sun to projectiles from mowing the yard, there are special considerations that needs to be given to any and all summer activities in regards to eye health and your vision. Here are a few dos and don'ts for protecting your eyes this summer:

Don't Overlook the Importance of Sunglasses and Hats

Whether you're out on the boat, getting a tan in the backyard or at the amusement park, you are exposing your eyes to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Extended exposure of these rays can cause a number of eye issues, including the burning of your corneas (similar to a skin sunburn) and the boosted development of cataracts. By wearing a hat and sunglasses, you will shield your eyes from the sun, which can help prevent eye problems now and in the future.

Do Stay Away from Strong and Eye-Damaging Chemicals

It isn't uncommon for home pools to contain an excessive amount of chlorine as well as other chemicals. Unfortunately, this can be very dangerous, especially for your eyes. Too much exposure to harmful chemicals can result in dry, burning and red eyes – all of which are irritating and very uncomfortable. If you notice that you are eyes are beginning to sting while in the pool, you need to get out immediately and rinse your eyes with some clean water. Then, it is important that you test the chemicals in the pool and ensure that they are the right balance. If the burning persists or worsens after you've removed yourself from the pool, make an appointment with your eye doctor to ensure that no damage has been done.

Don't Forget to Put on Your Safety Goggles (No Matter How Silly You Look!)

Whether you're mowing the lawn, working on a home addition or resurfacing your bathtub, it is very important that you wear safety goggles. Don't worry about whether someone might see you in them and think you look strange. You need to be more worried about protecting your eyes and vision. When performing any one of these three mentioned activities, as well as many others, there is the potential for projectiles or chemicals to enter into the eye and cause damage – sometimes irreversible damage. Make sure that anyone within the vicinity of where you are working are wearing the appropriate safety gear as well.

Do Have Your Eyes Examined and Consult with Your Optometrist

With school out and vacations on the schedule, summer is the perfect time to schedule an eye exam for the entire family. Consider making an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam at the beginning of summer so that you have time to speak to your eye doctor at the visit about your upcoming activities with the family. He or she can help provide you with advice regarding how to protect everyone's vision in these activities.

Your vision is important, but you have to take the necessary steps to protect it. Contact an eye doctor, such as Langley Optometry Clinic, to learn more about proper care of your eyes.