Sunglasses And Reading Glasses: Why Prescription Eyewear Is Best

Even if you regularly visit an optometrist, you may not get all of your eyewear from them. Sunglasses and reading glasses are inexpensive purchases at discount stores and pharmacies, so you may be tempted to buy them there for their price and for the convenience. However, investing in prescription versions is a better option to protect and enhance your vision.


Protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays is important to maintain good eye health. Too much exposure can cause various eye problems, such as cataracts and retinal damage. Buying a generic type of sunglasses is preferable to not wearing any, but if you require corrective glasses or contacts, getting prescription sunglasses is a good option. If you have photochromic lenses in your glasses, the shading in your windshield can keep your lenses from activating, meaning they will not screen out enough vision-blocking glare. Having a prescription pair means you don't have to resort to clip on sunglasses, which are inconvenient and easy to lose.

If you wear contact lenses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses means you can participate in activities that are not friendly to contacts, such as skiing and snowboarding. Hanging out at the beach can cause you to get sand or water in your eye, causing injury or infection to develop. Many outdoor pastimes are hard on contacts, so owning a pair of prescription sunglasses can make your life easier and more enjoyable. 

Reading Glasses

Over-the-counter readers offer some help for those who have trouble reading after a certain age. However, getting a prescription pair will better improve your vision, especially if you have astigmatism. OTC readers do not correct for this condition. Also, they have the same strength in both lenses, and chances are that you need different strengths for each eye. If you are nearsighted, you probably need "minus or negative" lenses and OTC readers come in only "plus or positive" lenses. Prescription readers will better help correct your vision. 

Often, people who need vision correction will invest in OTC readers and sunglasses. Your vision will benefit if you consult your optometrist for all your vision needs. Although discount stores or other businesses offer you inexpensive versions of these glasses, they are not made to address your particular situation. Prescription sunglasses will allow you to see clearly in even the most adverse outdoor conditions, and prescription readers will help you read better and avoid eye strain. Consult with your optometrist about what eyewear will best enhance your vision. Businesses such as River Valley Eye Care can help you.