The Truth Behind Myths You May Have Heard About Your Eyesight

Are you having problems seeing, but you're hesitant to be fitted for glasses? Do you feel like getting glasses is a waste of your time and energy? Many people are under the false impression that there is little to be done about worsening eyesight and so there is no point in visiting an optometrist. Fortunately, that is simply untrue. Here is the truth behind this myth and other myths that you may have heard:

Worsening eyesight is natural and nothing can be done about it. While it is common for many people to have weaker eyes as they get older, worsening eyesight is not always natural or normal. If your eyesight is becoming dim or clouded, it could  be a result of something like cataracts or glaucoma. While not every eye issue can be cured, early detection and treatment can mean the difference between your eyesight only being a minor inconvenience and losing it entirely. If your local optometrist is not qualified to treat these issues, he or she should at least be able to detect the early warning signs and refer you to someone who will be able to help you prevent further loss of vision.

Too much reading will ruin your eyes. Excessive reading can cause eyestrain as your eye muscles struggle to keep focus on your book or computer screen. However, this eyestrain is usually temporary and should subside shortly. If your vision seems to be getting worse after prolonged reading sessions, the cause is often a change in eye shape due to age or disease. If you stop reading so much, the eye strain may subside temporarily but this will not halt the eye changes being brought on by other factors. A good optometrist will be able to fit you with glasses that will help lessen your eye strain. 

If you get fitted for contacts, it's okay to wear them while swimming. Many people obviously prefer contacts because they don't change the look of your face. If your vision needs correcting to the point where you can barely see without your glasses, it can be tempting to wear them while doing everything. For some people, this includes while going swimming. Unfortunately, wearing contacts while swimming can result in serious eye infections. The contact lenses can catch and trap bacteria that may be lurking in a pool or hot tub environment. If you cannot see without your glasses, then consider asking your optometrist for some prescription swim goggles. Unlike glasses, they will be more difficult to lose in the pool. And unlike contacts, you don't have to worry about them causing an eye infection. Contact an optometrist like one from White Rock Optometry Clinic for more info.