Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Makeup On

After you've had a long day, it can be tempting to allow yourself to go to sleep without taking your makeup off. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous action that could end up hurting your vision. Here's why you should always make the effort to take your makeup off.


Most forms of makeup contain chemicals. These chemicals vary wildly, but they include dyes, preservatives, and thickeners to help keep the makeup in place. Your skin acts like a seal and keeps things from absorbing into the body, but if some of your makeup rubs off and gets into your eye, the eye isn't so lucky.

Chemicals that get onto the surface of the eye can be absorbed into the body and bloodstream. This is why eye drops are an effective form of medicine. In the end, the chemicals can not only hurt your eyes by burning them or causing an allergic reaction, but it could allow your makeup to make you sick over time.


The adhesive found in certain makeup products, like glue for false eyelashes, is something that should never get into your eye. Its sticky nature makes it very hard to wash out once it's there, and it can even form a seal between your eye and your eyelid. This is something that's painful and frightening to go through, especially since you would likely wake up to find out that it had happened. Breaking down the lash adhesive you're using before going to sleep is essential to keeping your eyes safe and healthy, and to help avoid extra trips to the eye doctor.


Finally, if you're using any makeup that's labeled as containing minerals, you absolutely must protect your eyes.

Mineral makeup is enjoyed for how natural it is, but it's far more dangerous for your eyes than you might think. Think about it this way: the minerals in your makeup are simply tiny shards of some kind of mineral. To be clear, the mineral family includes things like quartz and titanium, so you definitely don't want shards of these metals rubbing the surface of your eye. It will cause micro abrasions and potentially tear the surface of your eye, which could lead to infection, vision loss, and the need for vision surgery.

Many makeups can now be easily removed with products like micellar water. If you don't have the time to wash your face when you get home, at least use a product like this to ensure that makeup doesn't get into your eyes while you're sleeping. Protecting your vision is worth a couple extra minutes worth of time.