Common Eye Care Questions And Answers

Individuals are often prone to neglecting to care for their eyesight. This can lead to both discomfort as well as a compromised sense of sight. Learning more about the basics of caring for your eyesight can be essential for protecting this sense throughout the course of your life.

Should Individuals That Do Not Have Obvious Eye Problems Undergo An Exam?

It may seem obvious to undergo an eye examination when a noticeable problem is developing. However, it is also important to undergo regular eye examinations. This can help to identify potential problems before they become severe enough to cause noticeable discomfort or compromised vision. Furthermore, there are many eye problems that can develop so gradually that patients will struggle to notice that they are occurring. These examinations can be especially important for those that wear corrective lenses as it will ensure that they are using the correct prescription for their needs.

Will An Eye Exam Be Painful?

Some patients might assume that the process of undergoing an eye examination will be painful. This assumption can be due to the use of dilation drops that can cause the pupil of the eye to expand. While this will make it easier for the eye doctor to examine the interior of the eye, it will lead to the eyes being more sensitive to light for several hours. You can prevent discomfort from this by making sure to bring sunglasses with you for the exam. Also, it is generally advised to avoid driving until the dilatation drops wear off as the glare from other cars can make it more difficult to see.

Will You Have To Replace Your Eyeglass Frames To Update The Prescription?

For patients that wear eyeglasses, it can be necessary to have the prescription updated to account for worsening of their vision. Often, patients will assume that this will involve completely replacing the glasses. Considering the expense and difficulty of finding frames that you like, it is important to be aware that this is not necessary. It is possible to update the prescription of the glasses without having to buy new frames. This will require changing out the lenses so that new ones can be put in them.

Protecting your sense of sight will require taking a more proactive role than many patients may initially appreciate. By understanding the need to undergo regular eye exams, the fact that these exams will not be painful, and the options for updating eyeglass prescriptions, protecting your sense of sight will be far easier to do.

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